Bot Requirements

Requirements to submit your bot on Discord Bot Labs.

Before submitting a bot to Discord Bot Labs make sure it follows these rules.

All bot's listed on The Labs must not

  • Break The Discord TOS

  • Have NSFW avatars, names or respond outside NSFW channels.

  • Be an unmodified clone of another bot.

  • Advertise any NSFW commands in the Short or Long description.

  • Hide the vote button or vote on behalf of the user.

  • Sends mass dms when they join a server.

  • Have level up/welcome messages that can't be disabled.

  • Request unnecessary perms (such as admin) on invite.

Your bot will be rejected if

  • Does not comply with the rules listed above.

  • Allows users to use NSFW commands outside NSFW channels.

  • Doesn't have a help command.

  • Is offline when reviewed.

  • Doesn't have many good or working commands.