Requirements to join the certification program.

If you want to apply for certification, your bot must follow these MINIMUM Requirements.

Note: These are the minimum requirements, if your bot does more, that would be nice.

  • Code is original and not copied or forked from another bot. (Even open sourced ones)

  • Bot is unmuted and in our server. (Doesn't have undisablable level up message, etc.)

  • 90% Uptime.

  • Posts Guild/Shard count to the list. (Via Presence, Statcord or API)

  • Follows 90% of the Discord Bot Best Practices.

  • Not a general multipurpose bot.

  • Be on the list for 7 days.

  • Has error handling.

If your bot follows all the requirements outlined above, follow the instructions below.

1) Go to the Certification Channel in our Discord. 2) React to open a ticket. 3) Follow the prompts, answer the questions, and wait for a response.