Submitting Your Bot

Submitting your Bot to Discord Labs is easy, but for you fuzzy wussies that need help, this page is for you!

1) Go to the submit page.

To get started, go to the Discord Labs bot submission page. (

2) Join our server.

If you are not in our server, you will be required to join before submitting a bot. Once you have joined, click the Check Now button.

If you leave our server, all your listed bots will be deleted from Discord Bot Labs.

3) Enter your client id.

After joining our server, enter your bot's client id. You can find your client ID by going to, then click your application and copy the client id.

This is where your Bot's Client ID is located.

After you have inputted your client id, click Submit.

If your bot has discord's default profile picture, it will not be accepted. If you enter an invalid client ID, it will not be accepted.

4) Cross check the information provided.

Make sure that the information shown to you is correct, if it is, click It Is Correct, if the information is incorrect, you have entered an incorrect Client ID. Click It's Not Correct and enter a new client id.

5) Fill in the rest of your bot's information.

Fill in everything else that is asked. Fields marked with an asterisk(*) are required. Note: The long description supports html & markdown, checkout the link below for a great Markdown Guide!

6) Click Submit!

And that's all you have to do! With 6 simple and easy steps, you have submitted a bot to Discord Bot Labs! Be prepared to receive DM's from our bot, Discord Labs#2807 with updates concerning your bot!